Sabrina Liu

Law Graduate

BBus, BSc(Hons), LLB


Sabrina graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Auckland University of Technology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Honours) from the University of Auckland. She has recently completed the study for a Bachelor of Law LLB at the University of Auckland, and is about to start Law Honours research on class/collective action and civil litigation challenges for victims of mass harm.

Prior to studying law, Sabrina spent eight years working for multiple well-known global brands in China and New Zealand. Her passion for both psychology and law led her to seek a career that would allow her to represent people who have suffered damages. With her corporate background, Sabrina understands the complex issues facing businesses, and is interested in commercial dispute resolution and litigation.

Since joining Grimshaw & Co, she has enjoyed assisting in trial preparations, client interviewing, and distilling evidence through discovery.



Sabrina在Grimshaw & Co的主要工作包括诉讼文件准备,客户访谈,和证据整理与分析。Sabrina来自中国,精通中文。

Areas of Expertise