Janice Wong


Bcom, LLB


Janice studied a conjoint degree of Law and Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance at the University of Auckland.

While at university, she was a part of the Eastern Students’ Association where she was in charge of the club’s public relations.  Her role honed her ability to build rapport and drove her to join a firm where she could have direct client interaction. Having in roots in Hong Kong, she took a month-long internship at a boutique firm where she assisted in family and criminal law cases.

Since joining Grimshaw & Co, she has been assisting in trial preparations through discovery and drafting second plaintiff briefs. She speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin.

Janice 在奧克蘭大學取得法律和商務雙學位,主修會計和金融。

在大學期間,她加入了Eastern Students’ Association,負責該學生協會的公共關係。 她的角色提高了她建立融洽關係的能力,並驅使她加入了可以直接與客戶互動的公司。 在香港出生的她,曾在香港一家律师行實習一個月,期間協助處理家庭和刑事案件。

自加入Grimshaw&Co以來,她的工作包括準備訴訟的文件。 她精通英文,廣東話及普通話。

Areas of Expertise