Gareth Lewis


Fellow of AMINZ (Arbitration)
Admitted 1996


Gareth has specialist expertise in construction claims, body corporate disputes and employment law.  He has over 22 years experience in litigation.

Gareth has acted on many of the leading building defect claims of the past 10 years including the Byron Avenue, Sunset Terraces and Spencer on Byron cases which proceeded to the Supreme Court and created important legal precedents in the law of negligence.  More recently, he acted for the successful owners in the Fleet Street, Victopia and Townsend claims.

Gareth regularly advises bodies corporate and unit owners on issues arising under the Unit Titles Act.  He appears in section 74 scheme applications before the High Court and Court of Appeal including the recent Uptown Apartments case.

Gareth is a Fellow of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ).  He represents clients in adjudications under the Construction Contracts Act and in building dispute arbitrations.

Gareth’s expertise in employment law spans performance management, disciplinary processes, dismissals, redundancies, OSH prosecutions and Holidays Act issues.

Gareth uses various forms of dispute resolution, including mediations, adjudications, arbitrations and Court hearings. He has appeared in the Employment Relations Authority, WHT, District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, including interlocutory applications, trials, appeals, interim injunction applications and insolvency matters.

Gareth is proactive in his approach to legal issues, ensuring common goals are clearly understood & expectations managed. He takes a commercially realistic, pragmatic approach with clients.


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