Did you suffer any damage in the 14 February 2016 Earthquake? Just a reminder you have 3 months to lodge your claim with EQC

17 February 2016


For anyone in Canterbury that suffered damage in yesterday's earthquake, just a reminder that your claim has to be reported to EQC within 3 months the event that caused damage.

The 3 month time frame comes from Schedule 3, section 7 of the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 that states:

7   Reporting of claims(1) On the occurrence of any natural disaster damage to any property insured under this Act, the insured person shall at his or her own expense—

  • (a) Within 30 days (or such longer time as may be prescribed by regulations made under this Act) give notice thereof, either orally or in writing, to the Commission; and

  • (b) As soon as practicable deliver to the Commission—

    • (i) A claim in writing for the natural disaster damage, including, in particular, such account as is reasonably practicable of all property lost or damaged, and of the respective amounts claimed in respect of each such item of property, having regard to their value at the time of the natural disaster damage; and

    • (ii) Particulars in writing of all other insurances covering that property (if any).

    • (2) Notwithstanding subclause (1) of this clause, if natural disaster damage is not immediately apparent, or if the insured person is unable by his or her absence or incapacity, or by other disability suffered by him or her and proved to the satisfaction of the Commission, to give notice, or deliver a claim to the Commission, at or within the required time, it shall be sufficient compliance with this clause for notice to be given to the Commission as soon as the natural disaster damage is apparent or the insured person is able to do so, so long as the notice is given within 3 months (or such longer time as may be prescribed by regulations made under this Act) after the natural disaster damage has taken place, and the Commission is not prejudiced by the lapse of time.(3) The insured person shall, at his or her own expense, give to the Commission—

  • (a) Such particulars, plans, specifications, books, vouchers, invoices, duplicates, or copies thereof; and

  • (b) Such documents, proof, and information—(4) The insured person shall, at the request of the Commission, provide a statutory declaration of the truth of a claim and of any matter connected with it.(5) The Commission may appoint any person as its agent to receive any notices under this clause and to inquire into claims, but no settlement may be effected without the authority of the Commission. All expenses incurred by any such agent, with the approval of the Commission, shall be payable by the Commission.

  • which relate to a claim and the origin and cause of the natural disaster damage, and the circumstances under which the damage occurred, as may be reasonably required by the Commission.