Changes to the Construction Contracts Act introduce a substantial change to the construction sector

The Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2015 has introduced a number of changes to the Construction Contracts Act 2002* in order to ensure the Act provides:

  • access to fast and cost-effective dispute resolution

  • cost-effective and timely enforcement of rights and obligations

  • better certainty of payment of retention money held under construction contract

One significant change is that the application of the Act has been expanded to include design, engineering and quantity surveying work.  From 1 September 2016, people carrying out this type of work will have full access to the Act's dispute resolution and payment regimes.  You can read more about the changes here.

If you would like to know more about the dispute resolution processes under the Construction Contracts Act, feel free to contact us.

*The Construction Contracts Act 2002 regulates payment procedures in construction contracts and provides a mechanism for quick and effective resolution of disputes under which arise under construction contracts.